foil stamped book cover

Foil stamped book cover.

Blind Embossing – applies the desired image to a sheet of paper or board by altering the structure of the substrate so that the image sits proud.

Brass Dies – used for 3 dimensional embossing and relief and for long run foil stamping.

Cutting Forme – used to cut substrate to shape during forme cutting.  Comprises a knife bent to shape and mounted in timber.

Debossing – the opposite to embossing.  The image is impressed “into” the stock, rather than being proud of the surface.

Dies – engraved or etched metal plate used to transfer an image onto a substrate. Can be magnesium, brass or copper.

Diffraction Foil – has  a light reflective pattern embossed onto the metallising.

Embellishing – or Embellishment Techniques is the collective term for Foil Stamping and Embossing and means to “add” to the existing printed product.

Embossing –  is the creating of a two or three dimensional image in a substrate, usually paper or board.

Foil – also known as Stamping Foil

Foil Stamping – the process of applying the stamping foil to the substrate.  Heat is applied by the die to the polyester side of the stamping foil and this heat softens the sizing coat which adheres to the substrate and releases the metallised or pigmented section from the carrier onto the substrate.

Forme Cutting – using a cutting forme to cut substrate to shape.

Hologram – a three dimensional image in a flat place.

Letterpress Printing – similar to foil stamping but uses ink to create the image rather than foil.

Magnesium Dies – standard die material.

Metallised – vacuumised aluminium onto a polyester carrier to create a metallic finish.

Multi Level Embossing – tiered embossing of more than one level.

Polyester – carrier material used to feed foil through a foil stamping press.

Rainbow Foil – also known as Multi Colour foil, has a random pattern of colours applied to the metallising and when stamped can create interesting and colourful effects.

Release Coat – heat sensitive coating between the polyester and the foil to allow the foil to release under heat and pressure.

Reverse Out – when the image to be foiled has been reversed out of the printed image. The should not be done and causes unnecessary registration issues.

Single Level Embossing – standard embossing.

Spray Powder – used to stop set-off during the printing process and can cause issues with the foil stamping process.

Stamping Foil – consists of (1) a carrier layer of polyester, (2) a release coat, (3) a coating of metallised aluminium or pigment and then (4) a layer of sizing material.

Stock – a paper or board substrate.

Substrate – the material having the process applied to it.  Usually paper, board or plastic.

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