Holograms are a three dimensional image in a flat place, creating an illusion of depth.

hologram parking permit

Hologram parking permit.

They are created with a laser through manipulation of light and the image.  We apply them using our foil stamping process.
The type of holography used in the printing industry is called embossed holography.  This term is used as the hologram is embossed into the rolls of hot stamping foil during manufacture.  The application of holograms to the substrate is a normal foil stamping process except that the equipment must be able to locate the images in register with the sheets.

There are 3 levels of security features that can be applied;

  1. Application of a standard foil to provide a basic level of security (unable to be scanned or photocopied)
  2. Application of a standard holographic foil
  3. Origination of a customised hologram

2-D, 2D-3D and full 3-D holograms are available.

The setup and mastering costs for holograms are very expensive.  It is only economical when used on very large runs so that the setup cost can be amortised.

Customised hologram preparation generally takes 6 to 8 weeks before stamping foil is available for use on our machines.

View samples of our Security Features & Hologram product range below;

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